Golden Mic Challenge Winner ABD Interview

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ABD has been on the West Yorkshire Hip Hop scene for a while now and dues are beginning to be paid. Without fail he rocks the show and gets the crowd involved and partying without resorting to non-sense. He has dope flows, a very likeable timbre and he’s taken time to answer some questions for me:Certified Banger: Yo ABD, congratulations on the Golden Mic Challenge win! Before we get into this, let us know about yourself, give us all the info we need:

ABD: Ok I’m 23 and been rhyming since I was 14, so 9 years at some point this year. My main crew is Alphabetix, I’m also in Northern Hostility, and I usually have the odd live band side project here and there (not at the mo!) I come from York but I’ve been living in Leeds about 4 years. Alphabetix have our own label – 30Tonne Slug on which we plan to release our own stuff. We put out a 12” of my old crew 118SoundSystem in 2006.

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6 Responses to “Golden Mic Challenge Winner ABD Interview”

  1. Jack Dans says:

    ABD was fuckin rubbish. He didn’t deserve to win shit.

  2. Jay says:

    ABD deserved to win. He’s conscious, puts his heart into his lyrics, his flow’s sic, and he doesnt talk sh*t like a lot of mcs out there. Big up

  3. arnas, Lithuania says:

    hi Alex, congratulations!!! i see you are getting better, keep it going!! nice to know you are doing great :) respect!! good luck, see you. (p.s pasty shop rules :D) my e-mail:

  4. anon says:

    That top comment was NOT written by Jack Danz. Just an ugly, frustrated kid (we know who u r) who is trying to cause shit between ABD n Danz…

    Well let me tell you, u cant split up our crew, we have RESPECT fo each other where respect is due!!

    Big up to the Leeds massive

  5. BIbs says:

    Well i hate every rapper in the world especially jack danz and ABD. No offence guys im just better than you at evreything xx

  6. Mr.Ris says:

    av a word!

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